KTM trail series #7 - Taudaha After a gap, I join this series for 15k. I was feeling kindof sick, may be weather change but still I like running and completed it :D Fist 1-2km was cool.. After running little hill, sun hit me up, I can feel my stomach digesting foods I ate earlier, also my body started saying “Man you were feeling sick, comman stop this race and return”. Read Moreā€¦

Here is my Running Goals 50k trail run 42k marathon 30k trail run 21k trail run 21k half marathon city run 15k trail run 7k trail run 5k run 2k run pain on this journey Leg pain I managed to survive so far :D Shin splint Runners knee IT band syndrome God, old gods and new, no more new pains in leg Please :D