KTM trail series


KTM trail series #7 - Taudaha

After a gap, I join this series for 15k. I was feeling kindof sick, may be weather change but still I like running and completed it :D

Fist 1-2km was cool.. After running little hill, sun hit me up, I can feel my stomach digesting foods I ate earlier, also my body started saying “Man you were feeling sick, comman stop this race and return”. Well I was thinking to stop regularly, finally I felt exhausted in around 6.5km and rested for more than 10 mins, phew.. then slow by slow I started running, my body started adjusting, food digestion stopped :P then it was a gradual run.. Well Run is always the worst but end is always amazing, bragging rights :D

KTM trail series #3 - Suryabinayak

I ran in 7Km race in #3 . Trail was quite easy I guess, my time was 40 min and position 4th :( no medals :D

KTM trail series #2 - Sitapaila

KTM trail series #1 - Hattiban

First race, huge excitement :D I was in second position after checkpoint before hill started. The ribbon were false, there should be green colored but organisers did a mistake and puffs I and another lady ended up going up and up to another trail until runner from 15k find us, phew, need to come back all the way