Switching to HUGO


From this day, I am using HUGO, switched from Wordpress to my own Angularjs SPA static site to HUGO… yay

I did thought, “Oh why not just use medium.com and get rid of all setting up hassles”, then god spoke with this message from medium.com Medium image

At that point, I realised, I shouldn’t host my amazing articles ( :P ) in others’ platform :D :D


Hugo is open-source static site builder written in Go lang. To know more about check hugo official site https://gohugo.io/

Getting Ready for Hugo in VSCODE

Hugo use mark down for writing blogs/article. Instead of using different IDE, I am using VSCODE which I already use for my works. Below are few plugins I added in Vscode.

Markdown plugin for vscode

I am using this plugin for easy typing/creating markdown Markdown All in One.

Seems, MD is already supported by vscode but I installed it anyway :D :D

Date plugin for vscode

While creating blog post in text-editor, it hard to add date so I installed this plugin.

insert Date Time

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+I then ISO // to insert iso date

Git worktree

Amazingly I got to learn about git worktree. Its a feature of git to have a folder with different branch in same repository. Learn more about git worktree in git website

// Setting up public directory with gh-pages branch
$ git worktree add -B gh-pages public origin/gh-pages